Tuesday, May 22, 2018

How to Save Money on Your Home Inspection

How to Save Money On Your Home Inspection

You've finally found "The One"
Great home. Great neighborhood. And now the work begins. You still have some hurdles to get over before moving day. Now that the sellers have accepted your offer, you still have to get an appraisal, arrange your mortgage and get an inspection.

But How do You Save Money on the Inspection?

Are you trying to save on the cost of the fee that the Inspector charges, or do you want to save real money? If you want to make sure the home you're buying doesn't have hidden expenses that will really cost you after you move in, trying to find the Inspector with the lowest fee is taking the wrong approach! 

The "cheapest" inspector is the cheapest for a reason. 

They are either inexperienced or they will rush through your home because they have two more inspections scheduled after yours! In either case, there is a real likelihood that they’ll miss important and potentially expensive issues. 

The Best Inspector is a Certified Professional Inspector.  

But even that certification isn't enough. Your Inspector should have a well-rounded construction background. Not just in one trade, but as a contractor that has a working knowledge of all the trades. Talk with your Inspector and make sure they can effectively communicate their findings to you. The most important part of the Inspector's job is to supply your Realtor with the information they need to negotiate on your behalf. An experienced Inspector will know how to put a priority on any issues with your home in terms of how much the corrections are likely to cost you. That's where the real money is.

Where do you find the Best Home Inspector?  

If your Realtor knows an Inspector they trust - and you trust your Realtor - you can be comfortable with their recommendation. Good Realtors really do look out for you. They know the long - term liabilities of hiring a "soft" inspector. Problems with a home will reveal themselves sooner or later, and knowing sooner is best - because you can negotiate a solution with the seller - therefore saving you money! If the problems surface after the sale, that will cost you. You won't be happy with your Realtor and they won't be getting referrals from you. 

If you'd rather find an inspector on your own, make sure that whoever you choose is an experienced Certified Professional Inspector.  You can start with a simple Google search for Inspectors in your area.  

Skip the ads.

Go to the Inspectors with the highest organic results on Google.  They got there by working hard and being recommended - not by paying a fee. If you use a service like Home Advisor or Angie's List, keep in mind those Inspectors pay a hefty fee to be listed on those sights as well. And naturally, the cost of advertising gets passed on to you if you hire them.

Are you hiring a Salesman, or an Inspector?

Many Inspectors use gimmicks or "freebies" to entice you to use them. They may offer 90 day guarantees to make you "feel good" about hiring them. Any warranty that a Home Inspector can offer you for "free" isn't worth the paper it's written on. There are good Home Warranty programs, but the ones that will actually offer a degree of protection will cost a bit more than "free" - and usually can be obtained through the seller or your Realtor. Don't be tricked by a worthless warranty. Hire an Inspector that sells Inspecting.

You've come this far, Let's finish strong.

I know you've been negotiating offers, adding up closing costs, shopping for mortgages, and trying to get the best deals. Don't stop now. Don't skimp on the Home Inspection.  What an Experienced Home Inspector can save you in costs far exceeds the fee that they charge.